Hog Wild is Just Home

Good Things Come in Small Packages

CrossFit is a grueling, challenging sport that demands a lot of an athlete’s mind and body, but if you talk to the members of our box, they’ll assure you that the reward is worth the effort. Yes, you will see amazing results in your physical fitness, but more than that, you’ll find a new family.

Our box is not the biggest in square footage, but I’ll bank that we have the biggest heart. The old adage, “good things come in small packages” has never been more true than in the intimate team and atmosphere of CrossFit Hog Wild.

Several members shared what they love most about this place, and the overwhelming response was the community, friendship and sense of family that evolves from working out here.

Mishann Luedders

“I really like the community here. They’re kind of like a big family. It makes it a lot of fun.”

Chris Rega

“I like Hog Wild because I like the group atmosphere. I played college sports, and I am used to working out in a group.”

Hannah Davis

“I love the people here and the friendships that you develop. I love them, I love them all. In June of 2016, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and I could barely walk at that point or use my hands or feet. Then I met Eric in the beginning of August 2016, and through CrossFit, I got my mobility back and my muscle tests for my disease is almost 100 percent better than it was like six months ago. It’s helped a lot.”

Dean Martinez

“I love the Community and Connection. I was welcomed by name very early by Tony, Eric and Katelin. We all do stuff together outside of the box. We encourage each other online. There’s a lot of people that are the glue that bonds us outside of the coaches. We all own the bond, not just the coaches. Tony gives encouragement online, physical, spiritual and mental encouragement. All the coaches speak to you at your level yet challenge you past your perspectives. There’s pride in achievements but humility in the journeys within the box.”

Taylor East

“The workouts are really good. They push me. The people are really nice.”

Kelsie Davenport

“I like the environment. Everybody is like family in here. It’s a lot of fun. They all get along. There is a lot of joking around, but also it’s kind of changed my life. I have lost a lot of weight. I feel a lot better. I have noticed a huge difference in the 10 months I have been working out here.”

Jeanette Valencia

“Well, I love that everybody is your friend here. Everybody treats you like family. Nobody looks down at you. Everybody cheers for you, even if you’re a beginner or if you’re an experienced CrossFitter, they will always welcome you every day. We do other activities as friends, and we treat each other as family.”

Morgan House

“My favorite part about Hogwild Crossfit is that everyone there genuinely wants to see you succeed. I have been laid out on my back in total exhaustion, and flat on my face in a pool of sweat, trying to catch my breath to finish my last round. Over the sound of my heart beating out of my chest I hear the cheers and encouragement from my family driving me to finish. That is what I love the most. There are many times that you will fail and fall down. If you cannot pick yourself up, someone else will be there right behind you to share the load and make sure you complete your goal.”

Andrew Brink

“I love that Hog Wild CrossFit has become an extension of my family.  I remember going to the “Globo-gyms” before finding Crossfit and thinking “this is very solitary”—you come in, lift, and leave; all without talking to anyone.  I remember from day one at Hog Wild, everyone just made me feel like I fit in, like I belonged.  I have come to know many of the athletes at our box, most of which I consider close friends.  It is always nice to know when you are grinding out a grueling WOD that someone is right there cheering you on and pushing you to get one more rep.  It doesn’t matter if you can do the workouts as prescribed (Rx) or if you need to scale things back a bit, you have a family at Hog Wild Cross Fit.”

Adam Fuller

I love the people, the diversity, the chance to push myself over the limit with others who have my back the whole time. Lately it’s been my meditation and release from every day stress which does not help since I’ve been hurt recently. I love our box and CrossFit family.

Terra White

“My absence is noticed. We are a small box, and we all know each other. We are involved in each other’s lives. So when you’re not there, we notice, and we miss you. It really is a family.”

Jennifer Hatch

“The thing that I love most about Hog Wild is definitely the family atmosphere. When you think you can’t, you say you can’t, you know you can’t – they say you can and you will and you do, and they will support you from here to eternity…Everything is just home in here. Hog Wild is just home.”

We are a diverse group of former military, collegiate athletes, TV stars, accountants, mechanics, entrepreneurs, students and everything in between that have come together to form a beautiful, fit family. Our members are real people with genuine affection for each other and the sport that brings them together. Nobody was asked to mention the familial aspect of the box; it just comes out organically because it’s what we are.

Whether you’re an expert athlete or a novice to the fitness world, these warm folks will welcome you with open arms and words of encouragement while challenging you to reach your next goal. Join the family!


By Cherry Creative

Photos by Ryan Klintworth